Selected references
Sony Internet TV, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic SmartTV applications for TVN
4vod delivered complete platform for the leading broadcaster in Poland. The platform provided complete set of features including ingest, content management, tv application and reporting tool. The system was integrated with 4vod CDN platform.
Kino za Rogiem
Kino za rogiem is a network of connected cinemas that are using central system for management, billing and content repository . 4vod developed and introduced complete system that is managing the whole business process beginning from movie order through digital copy delivery to movie presentation in the cinema. Cinema owner can select movie and the system automatically and securely delivers the high quality movie to the cinema video server. The movie can displayed by the cinema operator and the system generates reports and invoices for cinemas. The system is working with more than 100 video servers across the country. 4vod is constantly supporting and developing features for the project.
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OTT service -
For leading polish OTT operator 4vod delivered a turnkey OTT solution including: tv applications (web, android, ios), billing system with payment operator integration, channel management portal, cdn streaming and reporting tool. By the end of 2016 had more than 1 million registered users that are using 4vod CDN streaming network
Live TV Streaming
4vod helped to effectively deliver live tv streaming for TV Republika channel viewers. The channel offers access to content in subscription model. The project covered delivering of web and mobile applications (IOS, Android), complete subscription management system, video player and CDN.
Playout and distribution infrastructure
For Mainstream Network Holding GmbH 4vod is managing HD Tv channel infrastructure for playout and channel distribution. The channel is delivered to leading cable and satellite providers in Poland. Recently 4vod launched additional channels with closed caption subtitling that are delivered to cable providers in Hungary and Romania.
Mainstream Networks Holding GmbH
Video chat system - Twó
For innovative startup we have developed video conferencing system that allows to organize video chats using any device including pc computers and mobile devices.

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